Gym Owners Corner w/ Mark Council & Ste Whitaker: How to Have a Solid Business Partnership


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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes back Mark Council & his partner Ste Whitaker. Mark & Ste own a gym called Platform Performance, which they opened together in 2017. This is the third episode of the series called 'gym owners corner' where Stuart brings Mark on to discuss the realities and challenges of being a gym owner. In this episode, they discuss their business partnership. How it functions, why they think it works and some things they'd advise you to look out for in a business partner. Timestamps are below.


  • [02.00] - How their gym reopening since lockdown has gone?
  • [05.00] - Their roles within Platform Performance.
  • [10.40] - Business partnerships.
  • [29.00] - Red flags to look out for.

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