Jordan Syatt: Fat Loss Lessons, Social Media Use & Diversifying Marketing


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In today's episode, Stuart interviews Jordan Syatt for the second time (the first was October 2020). They talk lessons Jordan has learnt in his time travelling and doing a range of interesting things, how he uses social media, the challenge of not letting social media become all-consuming, burnout, diversifying your marketing and more. Jordan began Syatt Fitness, his online fitness coaching business, from his dorm at the University of Delaware in 2011 and has become one of the industry’s leading experts in strength training, nutrition, and behavioral psychology. One of the only people in the world to deadlift 4x his own body weight, Jordan's work has been featured all over the world including a variety of media publications such as CNN, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Men's Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and


  • [01.10] - Lessons from his recent fat loss cut.
  • [13.25] - How lessons he learnt from his Mum have shaped how he runs his business.
  • [18.05] - The pros and cons of social media.
  • [28.35] - Diversifying your marketing.
  • [37.55] - Improving your content communication/ making it more engaging.
  • [42.35] - Experiencing burnout when coaching Gary Vee full-time.

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