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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Mike Doehla from the nutrition coaching company StrongerU. Stronger U currently has 15 employees and around 75 coaches. The business works with >50,000 clients across 50 countries. They get into some nutrition coaching tips, customer experience advice and taking the jump towards better service as well non-paid marketing approaches and tips for growing your business. Timestamps are below.


  • [01.32] - How his covid experience has been?
  • [02.39] - Does he think the fitness industry will have a boom post covid?
  • [04.42] - The nutrition challenges that people coming out of lockdown will be experiencing?
  • [05.57] - How can fitness professionals do better work?
  • [08.32] - How can we teach client-centric coaching?
  • [14.32] - How did he develop self-awareness as a coach in the early days of his career?
  • [20.47] - The importance of the relationship with your clients.
  • [21.47] - How to up your customer service experience to gain more organic growth?
  • [26.32] - How they use surveys with their clients?
  • [30.02] - Steps to take to start creating a better customer experience.
  • [32.32] - StrongerU's onboarding process.
  • [36.32] - Non-paid marketing approaches?
  • [43.39] - Why you have to do things that you may not want to do to grow your business.
  • [47.02] - Why hiring is StrongerU's superpower.
  • [50.17] - How much of StrongerU's success is down to luck?

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