Ludology 250 - Thanks for the Emma-ries


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On a special milestone episode of Ludology, Gil Hova and Scott Rogers say goodbye to our beloved Emma Larkins, as she departs as a co-host after 50 amazing episodes. Geoff Engelstein drops by to check in on us. And we're also joined by new co-hosts Erica Bouyouris and Sen-Foong Lim!


05m02s: Emma has earned quite a few awards for her game Abandon All Artichokes: the Golden Geek Light Game of the Year, the American Tabletop Award for Early Gamers, and yes, the Parent's Choice Silver Award.

07m25s: Here are Emma's favorite episodes:

15m06s: The two books Geoff mentions are Achievement Relocked: Loss Aversion and Game Design, and Game Production: Prototyping and Producing Your Board Game.

16m30s: More information about the Zenobia Award.

19m56s: Here's the most recent episode we did with Sen, Ludology 236 - Role With It.

20m38s: More information about the Meeple Syrup Show.

21m59s: "Jay" is Sen's longtime co-designer Jay Cormier. Jay joined Mike and Geoff in Ludology 134 - There's No "I" In Team. "Jessey" is game designer, developer, and Meeple Syrup co-host Jessey Wright. "Helaina" is Helaina Cappel, who runs publishing companies Burnt Island Games and Kids' Table Board Gaming.

26m13s: "Daryl" is prolific game designer and former Meeple Syrup host Daryl Andrews. (The shout you hear in the background is one of Sen's sons playing Magic.)

31m41s: Here's Emma's streaming co-host Javion Smith.

32m10s: Here's Emma's list of games:

41m06s: Renys is very much a Maine thing.

43m20s: Sue Grafton wrote the "alphabet mystery series" of detective novels featuring investigator Kinsey Millhone, starting with A is for Alibi and ending with Y is for Yesterday. She sadly never got to the last letter, passing away in 2017. Her daughter said since Grafton never finished what was to be the final book in the series, Z is for Zero, and they did not wish to hire a ghostwriter, "as far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends at Y."

44m59s: Emma’s pen of choice, the Pilot Precise V5 Rollerball Extra Fine.

46m18s: Sen recommends for all your writing needs.

47m13s: Here's what we're all working on!

50m03s: Emma's Twitter, Twitch, and web site.

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