The Magic of Deep Rest with Emmie Rae from The Daily Rest


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In this episode I chat with Emmie Rae from The Daily Rest. Emmie is a yoga teacher, rest specialist and human design practitioner who devotes her time to teaching people how to rest. After sensing a deep need for rest, quiet and internal reflection within her own life but also society as a whole, has focused much of her attention in teaching yoga on the spacious, otherworldly practice of deep restoration.

In this conversation we challenge what it means to rest, how we benefit from true rest and how we can integrate more rest into our lives. I also chat briefly to Emmie about Human Design and how we can use it to figure out how much rest we need according to our type.

If you enjoy the conversation please take a screenshot on your phone and tag me @jordannalevin and Emmie @thedailyrest.

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