Jacob Whitish | Getting a Piece of the U.S. Pie


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Acquisition can be the ideal way to experience fast growth as a company. But there’s no need to stay within your home country when looking at potential target companies.
Jacob Whitish is the San Francisco-based vice consul for financial services for the U.K.’s Department for International Trade. And he doesn’t just work with U.K. companies looking into the U.S. but also American companies looking to expand in the other direction.
We chat about the unique challenges – and benefits – of these sorts of cross border acquisitions, including…
  • Why Silicon Valley is an attractive market (and why Boise or Boston could be a better fit for certain companies)
  • The most attractive U.S. acquisition targets for companies looking to accelerate into new markets quickly
  • What win-win deals in multinational expansion look like
  • Matching resources and business goals to a geographic region
  • And more

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