Lou Diamond: Mergers And Acquisitions, Taking Your Business To The Market – Ep. 057


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In our business evolution, there will come a time where we have to take our business to the markets. Unfortunately, not many small business owners realize the value of their business that this transition can be quite difficult to do. With the help of experts in the mergers and acquisitions space, getting your business sold will be a lot easier. Taking the hot seat in this episode is host, Domenic Rinaldi, as he gets interviewed by Lou Diamond for his Thrive LOUD Podcast. Here, Domenic shares more about his superpowers on helping represent business owners to the market as well as buyers who want to acquire businesses. What are the stages business owners go through when looking to sell? What are the checklists to sell successfully? What are the common mistakes people commit when it comes to mergers and acquisitions? Domenic answers all of these and more in this unique interview.

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