Ep 65. RED-Sport or RED-'Everyone'? w The Sports Dietitian


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In episode 65 of the Macabolic Podcast I was joined by Taylor Ryan (@the_sportsdietitian) to chat about LEA, RED-S and whether RED-S can and should be expanded beyond a sports nutrition scope, and if these two fascinating concepts deserve attention in non-athletic populations. We also speculate whether the terminology of RED-Sport is partly to blame.

We of course outline what these two concepts actually are, and why they're important considerations for anyone whos conscious of sports performance, body composition & health.

We also describe the difference between energy availability (EA) and energy balance and why it's possible to be 'energy-deficient', but not in a negative energy balance and therefore not losing weight. This includes considerations behind the adaptive nature of human metabolism and whether 'eating too little' to lose weight is a real thing or complete guru-ism.

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