EP 175 - Amazon Listings Built to Last with Emma Schermer Tamir


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In this episode, Rico interviews Emma Schermer Tamir, the owner and founder of Marketing by Emma — an Amazon Listing Optimization company. She talks about how it is to transition from a passionate writer to a business person and how hard to give up the control in order for her business to move forward. Check out out the whole story below.

Important Notes:

- Marketing as a great space on understanding how humans work and help businesses find success

- Teaching English as means to live migrate and live to another country

- Amazon FBA Community being relatively a small space in Business, Current Amazon FBA Climate

- Amazon Listing Optimization, Keyword Strategy, SEO, and Copywriting to help product/brand success

- An E-Commerce page is equivalent of your listing, the misconception of selling to everybody and taking on your biggest competitor

- How can a customer effectively choose your product

- How decision-paralysis costs her time and how she minimizes it, how hard to let go of her control to move forward

- Mentoring Writers, Operating the Business on a bigger picture, Being a Business Person first then Artist second

- Growing their business during the pandemic, Success in business with honesty and integrity

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