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Hello What's the craic. Welcome back to the magic minds podcast" Stories that have the power to inspire". We are liberties number one podcast. The best podcast in Dublin 8 I'm proud to say. on the show today we have Geoff Thompson. Geoff is a BAFTA winning writer, filmmaker, teacher, former bouncer and world ranking martial arts expert, one the most influential since Bruce Lee. He has written over forty books on self-help, self-defense and martial arts, and has written many screenplays for short and feature films. He has appeared three times on the Sunday Times Bestsellers List, which included his first book, Watch My Back. a book Read prior to the interview and absolutely loved. the book details his decade of experiences as a doorman in Coventry. In 2008 it was adapted into a screenplay by Geoff and filmed as the major motion picture, Clubbed. he shared with us his child trauma of sexual abuse and how that ruined his childhood and subsequently his early adulthood. Geoff transformed his life. Geoff appears to be an expert in transformation. He has transformed from factory worker to martial artist, bouncer, writer, teacher and filmmaker, and is so kind graceful and loving in sharing his wisdom, most notably through his new book, The Divine CEO, a no-nonsense, pragmatic book about the hierarchy of spiritual ascent, which Matt is in the process of reading. Matt choose the title of this interview because Geoff true was a girt to Matt and the universe. geoff came into Matt's life at the divine time. he inspired Matt to finishes his poetry book and also start writing his own autobiography. thank you Geoff for your gift of love and kindness. Have a listen to the interview let us know what you think and we would love to hear your feedback.

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