Ep.35 Player, Artist, Customer? The Value Of Magic Art Feat. Titus Lunter


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Today the guys are joined by Magic: The Gathering Artist Titus Lunter! Titus talks about his experience with the game as both a creative and a player and explores the relationship between these two identities in both his deck building and illustration process.
We also dive deep into the debate surrounding the artistic value of fantasy art created for commercial use. Can you divorce the final piece from its cardboard origins or is art created for a game that needs to make money always going to be tied to a product? And does it even matter one way or the other?
Music by Michael Rawcliffe Audio.
Titus Lunter:
Website- https://tituslunter.com/
Art Station- https://www.artstation.com/Titus
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tituslunter/?hl=en
MTF- @MTFlavouring,
Andy- @AndyMannface,
Nathan- @TheFoxintheMoon,
Titus Lunter- @TitusLunter

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