Dr. Brittney Cooper Teaches Us About Necropolitics in the Age of Coronavirus


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Dr. Brittney Cooper is an Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Africana studies at Rutgers University, as well as the author of two books, "Beyond Respectability" and "Eloquent Rage." She's recently brought attention to the term "necropolitics," but it's more than just a buzzword, and that's what she's on the show to discuss today. Did you know that one in every 1,450 Black people have died from COVID-19? Not just the ones that contracted COVID-19, but out of ALL Black people living in the United States. Dr. Cooper says that's necropolitics in action--a system designed to bring Black people to premature deaths. Hear her incredible insight on this topic and more, including the things that are giving her hope right now, thoughts on Biden's VP pick and if he can afford to NOT pick a black woman, and how she hopes we'll reorganize the way we live in a post-coronavirus world.

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