March Badness FINALE


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It's the Worst, Least-Wonderfulest time of the year. March was always a brutal month, but this one is definitely the Baddest on record - with a global pandemic forcing entire cities on lockdown, hospitals desperate for gowns, masks and ventilators, and scary spiky death graphs getting ever more urgently plotted. This is a Bad Time, #stoppies, but what are we to do in a crisis besides doubling down on this, our deepest dive so far into the most despicable, soulless, self-indulgent rock music ever made? As we stand here, dangling on the precipice of total destruction, our precious time on this planet is more important than ever. So relax, grab a tasty quarantine edible or two, and spend the next hour and 45 minutes with us as we argue over whether Nickelback or Imagine Dragons is more bad than the other one. Just like our toes dancing on that cliff's edge, it's a razor thin margin and a heckuva ride, #stoppies. Won't you join us from the safety of your own homes as we settle this, once and for all? Part of the Pantheon Podcasts Network.

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