Season 3 Finale Part 1: Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 The Core (w/ Tooky Kavanagh and Dicky Stock)


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Alright Stoppies, you sick fucks. You know what time it is, because you assholes voted for it - and we couldn't be prouder/more disgusted. That's right baby, it's time for a Core-tastrophe of epic proportions - a nightmarish plunge into the twisted mind of the "Skrillex you bought on Wish" aka Corey Feldman, best known for starring in classic 80s movies like Stand By Me and the Lost Boys, but almost equally notorious for his serious drug addiction, history of severe mental illness, and of course ludicrously terrible musical forays. However nothing could prepare the public consciousness for 2016's dubstep-nu-metal-ragtime?!-nightmare "Angelic 2 The Core", where no longer Yung Corey debuted on The Today Show with a badly autotuned cigarette skwawk, skintight pleather jeggings, and a harem of dead eyed fembot "Angels" whose backstory is more fucked up than perhaps anything we've EVER discussed on this show. We somehow convince Boston area comedians Tooky Kavanagh and Dicky Stock to "Go 4 It" with us, and after 3 and a half hours of batshit bananas fuckery (our longest episode yet!), we are definitively worse people for it, and there will be no redemption for our listeners either. Sor-ey about it. We split it up into 2 episodes to stretch out the end of our season, but mostly to save your soul.

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