Episode 394: Make Some Noise Coaching Session on Motivation and Burnout


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This week I’m coaching Hannah, a twenty-five year-old who recently transitioned from working in a non-profit to Corporate America. She came to me for some coaching and insight around issues of wrestling with perfectionism and her battles with negative self-talk. We talked through different scenarios and by the end of our time together, Hannah said our conversation was a “self-awareness wake up call”.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Hannah describes her feeling of being stuck and lack of motivation.
  • We discuss the idea that the lack of motivation she may be feeling is due to burnout.
  • The importance of female friendships and how they can be a huge part of a path towards self-care.
  • Recognizing there are seasons of your life where you simply aren’t motivated and that’s okay.
  • Encouragement to get curious when something is pushing you in a certain direction or belief.


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