3 Easy Data Points to Learn From Your Machine


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MakingChips hosts Jim Carr and Jason Zenger sit down with Akshat Thirani, the CEO and Co-founder of Amper Technologies, Inc., and Charles Morley, the President of Schleifring Medical Systems, to talk about how Charles implemented Amper technology in his shop, and the benefits it has had on his business.


  • 0:21 Nick talks about how he sees ProShop ERP being used in shops throughout the country.
  • 4:24 Jim and Jason share what’s new at their companies and at MakingChips HQ
  • 6:06 Jason discusses new economic inflation data relating to manufacturing
  • 7:50 Jason introduces Akshat Thirani, CEO and Co-founder of Amper Technologies, Inc., and his history in manufacturing
  • 9:20 Jim introduces Charles Morley, the President of Schleifring Medical Systems, and his relation to Amper Technologies, Inc.
  • 11:27 Akshat explains how Amper helps manufacturers be more Lean and improve day-to-day operations on the shop floor
  • 13:17 Jim talks about his experience using Amper technology on his machines
  • 15:53 Charles shares his background with Amper and how he implements and monitors their technology in his factory
  • 18:57 Nick explains how you can source high-volume projects through the Xometry network
  • 19:49 Charles discusses how Amper allows for collection of real, trackable efficiency data and can help increase productivity
  • 23:26 Akshat talks about the simplicity of integrating Amper on the shop floor
  • 24:45 Akshat explains the different ways the data provided by Amper can assist in company growth
  • 26:58 Jim mentions that he shows off his shop’s Amper data while prospecting new customers
  • 28:32 Charles shares why he chose Amper over other machine monitoring options
  • 31:30 Charles explains how Amper technology relates to his shop’s Lean process
  • 33:52 Akshat talks about how Amper offers a trial program for their technology
  • 36:12 The hosts and guests offer their final thoughts on how this technology can improve many aspects of a shop

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