Bonus Episode - A Service of Mindful Meditation


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Welcome to this bonus edition of the “Making Footprints Not Blueprints podcast” which is a supplement to Episode 15. It is nothing more, nor any less, than a representative recording of the service of mindful mediation I offer the Cambridge Unitarian Church, UK, each week.
For those of you who end up listening to this recording more than once, and who no longer wish to hear my general introduction (a quite understandable state of affairs!) then please note the service proper begins at exactly 2’ 15”.
To get the most out of this recording it will help if you could print up, or have sight of, the order of service. Here is a link to a pdf version or you may read it in the transcript attached to this episode.

Make sure you are seated somewhere comfortable and reasonably quiet where you will not be disturbed during the service which lasts a little over forty-five minutes.
On the order of service you will see certain passages printed in bold, italic type; you are invited to read those along with me so that the service takes on a responsorial quality rather than remaining merely a monologue. Also please feel free, along with me, to light both a candle at the beginning of the service, and one for a personal joy or concern after the mindful meditation has concluded.
Just to note that this recording contains a representative reading, in this case George Kimmich Beach’s meditation, “And quiet our anxious hearts”, and a representative piece of music and a Taizé chant, “Stay with me, remain here with me. Watch and pray, watch and pray.” Were you ever able to join the Cambridge congregation one Sunday morning you will discover that the reading, piece of music and Taizé chant changes each week. Please be in touch with me via the link below if you would like the Zoom link for that service which is held at 10am GMT every Sunday morning. You will be made most welcome.
Music, "New Heaven", written by Andrew J. Brown and played by Chris Ingham (piano), Paul Higgs (trumpet), Russ Morgan (drums) and Andrew J. Brown (double bass)

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