#096: Ari Herstand - Strategies for DIY Musicians and Exciting New Updates to the Book “How to Make It in the New Music Business”


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Ari Herstand returns to the show with another exciting episode filled with strategies and wisdom for DIY Musicians. In December 2019, he released the 2nd Edition of his book, “How to Make It in the New Music Business,” the book that’s required for my Music Business 1010 students, and I recommend to all aspiring artists, managers, producers, concert promoters, record labels, or anyone that is interested to learn about the Music Business. This book goes beyond just being a great resource for musicians. It’s the book everyone should read first when getting into the music industry.

To learn more about Ari Herstand, visit his website https://aristake.com/.

Show notes for this episode with links and resources to all the things we talked about are available at www.makingitwithchrisg.com/podcast/096.

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