Distinguishing Between a Meditation Retreat and a Chill-out Get Away


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Many times it is believed that meditation is just about relaxing the body and the mind. Although this may be a consequence, it is not the purpose of meditation. Meditation is inquiring about the true nature of the self, dropping ideas and acquired beliefs and ideologies. And an earnest retreat for this purpose should provide the space, energy and content necessary for this to manifest.
In the same way, the participant should step into a retreat with the right attitude. When we go to a retreat seeking a space for one's own growth and self discovery, one should always try to ask the question, "Why am I here. What is the intention to be in this place during these days." The intention should be clear, to not waste our time and energy in the wrong direction.
After having had almost 30 years experience in this field, joining true wise ones from India in their retreats, Manish talks about this and gives some clues about how to make the most out of it. "When you go to a retreat, you want to do something which is not part of the day to day life. It's a conscious process of getting out of the routine and the day to day habits."
One can move towards meditation by discovering what is lacking in our inner life, where is the void... and that can be discovered by moving-IN, not by moving-OUT. And that is what a meditation retreat is helpful for, it focuses on moving inwards, on introspection, and on seeing the inner world.

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