#056 Stevie Ward: My retirement with concussion


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Tanya Arnold interviews Stevie Ward and his partner Natalie Alleston about the realities of concussion and having to make the decision to retire at the age of 27 from a sport you love.

This interview is a personal look into the difficulties and complex challenges faced by a person suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury and the people closest to them. You will hear about the realities of the symptoms and how they have to be managed and understood if the person wants to carry on living a happy and fulfilled life.

You will discover what went into the decision and how Stevie and his partner will be trying to look forward and find their way in a life without rugby league whilst still recovering from a brain injury.

Although this interview is an in-depth look into Stevie’s year with post concussion syndrome it is not a reflection on what happened in a professional setting but more a reflection into the crucial work that has to be done in your personal life when trying to handle the devastating changes that come with brain injury.

A big thank you to Tanya Arnold for taking the reins for this special episode on the Mantality podcast.

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