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Michael "Gyspy" Volosen is a performance based business consultant helping businesses grow with strategy, management practices and sales training.

Michael is a graduate from the University of Dallas, where he graduated with his B.A. in English. While in college, Michael built several businesses and ran multiple organizations to pay his way through school. After graduating college, Michael took to a full time position with Vector Marketing and became a multiple award winning District Manager, with awards towards overall sales, training and recruiting.

After breaking records in Oklahoma and new territories in North Texas, Michael sought out new challenges and decided to become a business consultant. Michael is versed in public speaking, training, sales, and recruiting. In eight years working at Vector, Michael has gained valuable business experience, working with businesses in every phase and size. Michael strongly believes that every business can be successful – they just need the right tools, mentality and respect for the challenge. His ability to see the whole picture and his approach to business allows him to help business owners take their business to the next level and achieve their personal goals.


Whether your business is growing, staying the same, or in distress, Michael Volosen and Volcon Strategy Partners can help your business be better than it’s ever been. Go on a discovery call with them and see if you're eligible for 3 hours of FREE consulting.

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