A Client Acquisition Funnel For Electricians, Goals - Episode 10


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Watch as I create a client acquisition funnel for electricians. If you want to get free job leads when they are there you can go to
https://www.findelectriciansnearme.com and let me know where you are and what type of electrical work you do!

hey guys James Wrest here from marketing secrets for electricians and today we're going to look at the goals for your marketing in your electrical business and also what this entails, is creating a client acquisition funnel and throughout the next days weeks months however long it takes I'm going to kind of be documenting this process of creating a client acquisition funnel for electricians and we're going to be running ads we're going to make in the funnel we're going to be understanding who our customer is and doing all the things involved and I'm going to give you a live kind of demo test run to see how it's done and hopefully generate some free leads for you guys so if you want to get involved in this you can actually contact me and let me know what area you're in and when we get leads inthat area I will send them your way sothis is the goal of what we're doing andwe're gonna start first off by goingt hrough the goals for your busines

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