Creating a Content Culture with Christoph Trappe the Owner of The Authentic Storytelling Project - Episode 128


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Intro We are all used to hearing this word ‘culture’. A good definition of it would be ‘ the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.’ So in a working environment this means, in simple terms – what it’s like to work there.

From a consumers perspective, Seth Godin summaries it very nicely ‘people like us, do things like this’, which is more about finding where you fit in than generating a culture, but the same principals still apply.

But what if we want to build a culture that is focused on creating content. A culture that promotes storytelling and finding those stories that your audience really cares about?

Our guest today - Christoph Trappe, will help us uncover how to create such a culture. Christoph is, amongst other things, a podcaster (check out the Business Storytelling Podcast), author (check it out Content Performance Culture) and more importantly for us he is the Chief Content and Marketing Officer at The Authentic Storytelling Project. Perfectly positioned to help us understand both the strategic and the tactical elements of a content culture.

In this episode we cover; - Creating a culture where content is king - Being consistent - How to become better at creating content - The process for telling a good story

Watch the episode video:

Takeaways Top Tip Create once, publish everywhere. I’m a huge fan of this repurposing tactic. It offers a whole bunch of benefits including; continuity, efficiency, awareness, quality control and of course, engagement.

Favourite Quote ‘I think everyone can create content to some extent. The biggest hurdle is – what’s your level of letting it go?’ Meaning its more about the content you produce and the value inside this than it is a clean, polished version of the truth. People want authenticity, so let’s give them it.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode Christoph got me thinking when he stated that you need to ‘find stories that your audience cares about.’ This doesn’t mean, dry, dull, obvious content. Try to expand on the topics and areas you specialise in and combine these with storytelling and engaging with your audience. Get creative and see where it takes you!

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