Finding Your Brand Voice with Bethany Joy the Brand Voice Crafter & Wordsmith Extraordinaire - Episode 85


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Enjoy the Episode - Happy Marketing!

IntroEver wondered, how have the done that? Where do they get their ideas from? How are they producing some much content? Well for the foreseeable, I’m going to try and uncover some of these questions as I start to give you one piece of software, tool or technique that can help you as a Marketer. This weeks inaugural tool is – Answer the Public!

But first, lets meet Bethany Joy, Brand Voice Crafter & Wordsmith Extraordinaire and with a title like that I can tell your ear have already pricked up! Bethany isn’t’ an inventor, she isn’t a complex problem solver, but what Bethany is amazing at it using the words on a page to grab attention, make sense, engage and be meaningful and with industries such as biochemistry, the environment, human rights, education, career coaching and ethical clothing you know Bethany will deliver.

Takeaways- Bethany shared with us her brand voice tips, which included: - What and how you are saying things must match what you want your customers to think about you - Keep it consistent and accurate - Never be fake, always be true to yourself - Remember it is about telling people the most important things

- All your content must be quality, helpful or entertaining. Always be thinking about your contents purpose, utilising this to achieve what it needs to achieve

- A single word can make a huge difference. As Bethany pointed out, just think about the variations in the word male and the connotations this has! From Male to Dude!!!! Very different indeed.

Top Tip – Answer the Public is in the show notes) is a site that can help you with a number of things but mainly, keyword searches and possible questions your audience may be asking. When you first go to the site, you’re met by what looks like an angry bloke in my dads sweater. Just ignore him and type in to the search bar a topic you are interested in.

Let it do it’s magic.

And boom, you are presented with a whole host of questions that are frequently asked around the subject. For example, I typed in marketing qualifications and I got back:

- what marketing qualification is best - what is the best marketing qualification to have - how to get a marketing qualification

Scroll down and you have an A-Z of any question you can think of!

Why is this so important? Well if you know what type of questions your audience is asking, you can….. answer them! Good for SEO, good for content and good for highlighting your expertise in a particular field. Oh it may also help your audience out as well.

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