LinkedIn for Employees Masterclass with Heidi Medina a Business Coach and LinkedIn Trainer - Episode 130


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Intro If you work for yourself or own your own company, LinkedIn seems like a no brainer. But what if you’re an employee? Is it still the place you need to be seen? Or is it just somewhere to dump you CV?

As we’ll find out, if you’re an employee, LinkedIn is a great place to build your online presence, connect with people – customers, potential clients, friends, collogues, and those you want to learn from.

And Heidi Medina, a LinkedIn Trainer, is the perfect person to learn what you need to do AND how to do it from! Heidi runs The LinkedIn Visibility Connection, helping people to use the power of content and conversation to get visible in LinkedIn.

In this episode we cover; - How to set-up your profile - Building a network that is meaningful - Content hacks - Changing connections into clients - The ‘algorithm’ - Cardinal sins to avoid

Watch the episode video:

Takeaways Top Tip Use your LinkedIn page as a landing page. Fill it with the content that people want and will engage with. It is about you, but for others to find and consume, so don’t forget that.

Favourite Quote Heidi stated that ‘everything we do online is a conversation’ so make it worth talking about. There is a lot of drivel online and no one wants to enter a gibberish conversation.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode Remember, on LinkedIn it’s not all about you as conversations are key to the unlock! There will be more people watching your content and waiting for conversations to happen, so make them happen. Dive into interesting posts, ask questions and most importantly, communicate with people that comment on your own posts.

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