Master Your Mental Fitness with Marc Champagne - Episode 148


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Intro It’s easy to take our mental state for granted, until we realise how much this might be affecting us in terms of reaching peak performance or being at our best.

This episode isn’t a ‘mental health’ concern conversation, it’s about those elements we need to be aware of and how to tackle them daily to get you performing at your best. So you can Make things better, by making better things as Seth Godin would say.

And who better to talk us through this than Marc Champagne, Mental Fitness Advocate and host of the podcast Behind the Human. Marc was responsible for co-founding the journaling app KYO, reaching over 86 million people without any paid advertising. But that’s now in the past.

And after studying mental fitness practices for over a decade, Marc now works with motivated humans, implementing personalised rituals, practices and mental fitness while also leading the mental fitness program for THRIVE Performance & Regenerative Medicine.

In this episode we cover; - Why is our health so important - Why many don’t see it as a top priority - Top tips for better mental fitness including - Morning routine - Dealing with micro and macro stresses - What to do before you go to bed

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Takeaways Top Tip I loved the nightly ritual that Marc told us about, writing down a question you can’t answer just before you go to bed and in the morning seeing it in a whole new light. I’m definitely trying that one.

Favourite Quote This was actually a failure that Marc discussed, to some extent, and that was when he mentioned the app KYO ‘the app itself, we reached 86 million people…but we didn’t have a flow to the content and to the experience… to build a successful financial model’ which goes to show how important getting all the tactical elements correct in your Marketing Plan. I’m talking of course about the Marketing Mix.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode We accept a lot when it comes to our health and it’s easy to let things slip, especially with our mental fitness. Pause, take stock and use techniques to better you mind and judgement. Your perception is your reality.

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