The Customer Journey - The LMS Lounge Live - Episode 154


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Website Thingy: The Professional Bit: Facebook Community: Tweet Tweet: LMS Collective Facebook Group: Intro This week I had the honour of chatting to Louisa van Vessem in her LMS (Learn Motivate Succeed) Collective Facebook Group (link is in the show notes if you fancy joining) about the Customer Journey, one of my favourite topics. It’s so important as todays journey is sporadic and anything but linear as it has been in the past.

You may remember Louisa from episode 35 ( where we chatted about how VA’s (Virtual Assistant) can help you run your business and claim back some of your most valuable asset… time!

In this episode we cover; - The customer journey - How to map your own customer journey - The importance of knowing your touch-points - And I’ll be hopping on my soapbox a few times (soz in advance)

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