148. I'll Drink To That!!


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TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses alcohol and other substances. If this is a topic that is sensitive or triggering to you, please skip this one.

Adam and Danielle both have a history with indulgence, and sometimes can tip the scale to the excess when it comes to having a good time and living life to the fullest. This episode explores the unhealthy behaviors in which so many of us partake, because they make us feel better and can often lead to great nights and memories. But of course they all come with a price, AKA. the next day (or four, depending on your age). Adam and Danielle discuss some of these behaviors and how they've impacted their lives, and also polled their community to find out about their favorite indulgences in life. They also discuss obscure but popular hangover cures, some interesting facts and stats about alcohol, and Danielle reveals why she feels she has been overlooked as a prodigy in life. While obviously some of these can become serious issues and Adam and Danielle have covered the more serious sides of these substances and indulgences in the past, this episode explores more the lighter, jovial aspects indulgence. This is a great episode in which to listen while you are running around for the holidays and need a stress reliever.

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