151. We're Therapists Now


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(SKIP AHEAD TO 17:45 TO HEAR JUST THE ADVICE PORTION OF THE EPISODE) If there's one thing Adam and Danielle make very clear all the time, it's that they are not experts in pretty much anything. However, on this episode, Adam and Danielle first discuss their own history with therapy, and then they take a chance and answer listeners questions about certain issues with marriage and life. Using their own twenty years of experience in marriage, the two of them try their best to give insight on physical connection, in-law relationships, fetishes, and dealing with stubborn spouses. While everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt, Adam and Danielle loved having the opportunity to dive in and give a husband/wife perspective on issues that affect tons of couples. This is something they will definitely be doing more often on the podcast.

To submit your own questions about marriage, parenting, or life in general to Adam and Danielle, send an email with the subject "Dear Abby" to marriageandmartinis@gmail.com

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