152. The Disconnection Struggle is Real, with Leah Carey


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So many of us are feeling like we have hit the "pandemic wall." We're exhausted, emotionally drained, and we're surrounded by our kids 24/7. Living in sweatpants and never getting a proper date night can definitely take its toll on romance, and at the end of the day, we just want to fall into bed and not be bothered. Sex and intimacy coach Leah Carey helps Danielle and Adam understand what baby steps we can take to bring that connection back, and try to keep the frustration and distance we feel with our partners down to a minimum until life resumes as we once knew it (or as close to that as possible). We discuss how medication, alcohol, job loss, and monetary worries are all affecting people's sex drive. It's definitely normal, and it's happening to more couples than you think. This is definitely one of those very relatable episodes, and as always, Danielle and Adam are completely honest about the state of things and how they might be willing to take steps to change them.

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