153. Kinks and Fetishes For Beginners, A conversation


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Note: This is episode is just two people sitting down to try to get acquainted with kinks and fetishes. This episode will be followed up by several others with experts as well as couples who are already immersed in the kink culture. Adam and Danielle are open about the fact that they sometimes participate in kink-adjacent activities. However, there is a whole world out there about which they know very little and would like to become more comfortable with so that it can be spoken about and experienced without share, guilt, or embarrassment.

  • A brief history of kinks
  • The differences in the two terms, kinks and fetishes
  • What are some things couples can do just to spice things up a bit if they don't want to get too risque
  • some kinks or fetishes they would be interested in
  • "Hard no's" for both of them
  • Why is there so much shame surrounding the topics
  • How do we make our partners become confident enough to try new, exciting acts in the bedroom

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