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First off, Danielle and Adam have come a long way since they recorded the first episode about the Mental Load almost two years ago. However, the progress has definitely been incremental, and they still have work to do. What starts out as a calm conversation quickly turns defensive and competitive as they list off responsibilities, stresses, emotional tolls, and physical hardships they each endure in life and parenting. Danielle does not understand how Adam can possibly think they are 50/50 household, and despite absolutely no scientific data to back up the idea that women are somehow better equipped to care for their kids and family, Adam feels like there definitely must be some truth in this longstanding societal norm. When things get heated, the couple pauses the mics and proceeds to speak privately, and then comes back to finish the conversation. Danielle breaks down into tears, proving that while they have definitely made strides, it's still an extremely sensitive topic in their marriage. Ultimately, the two realize that there is more work to be done, and another episode will need to be recorded to update everyone on their progress. If you are looking for more Mental Load episodes, download #56, #108 and #137. Don't forget to head to marriageandmartinis.com to get the corresponding Mental Load "Date Night Questions," and to sign up for all future questions in the "Friday Five" email.

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