155. The Worst Valentine's Day Episode Ever


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Adam and Danielle have had some week, between Adam working 24/7 and the kids being off from school and trapped in the house due to snow. Let's just say there wasn't a ton of prep time for this episode, but sometimes being unprepared can lead to some serious laughs and unplanned hilarity. That is exactly what happens in this episode. Adam and Danielle start off with some innocent conversation about a few recent episodes and some listener's messages and questions. Things go south really fast though when Danielle and Adam have to give each other compliments they've never told one another in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Why did Danielle apologize to Adam? For what sexual act does Danielle say Adam is impressively focused, despite usually having a very short attention span? What compliment is Adam hesitant to give Danielle? Buckle up, because this episode takes all kinds of unforeseen turns and is definitely sprinkled with some unplanned inappropriate commentary.

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