MwH 111: Trent and Joy Wargo


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On this episode of the show we talked with Trent and Joy Wargo. This episode guest came much requested! Joy has made a name for herself in the barrel horse training world for the last decade and has become one of the top trainers in the entire sport. Trent, a well-respected farrier by trade, plays a large role in their program as well. We chat about origin stories, training techniques, top horses, current training load/regime, personal fitness, and MUCH more. We even have about 30min or more worth of convo on JUST feet. Horse feet that is. No, we don’t talk about Grandma’s bunions... Not only was this a great insight into a top hand in the world of barrel racing, it was also extremely informative. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did talking! Thanks for hanging out!

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