Episode 121 – Interview with Kris Gunnars from StockAnalysis.com


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Kris Gunnars is the founder and ex-CEO of the world’s most trafficked nutrition site Authority Nutrition. He went on to sell that website to Healthline.com, which then became the world’s biggest nutrition site.

Kris now dedicates his time to investing the handsome returns from the acquisition and runs Stockanalysis.com where he shares the results of his research and learning.

In this conversation, we talk about the personality traits and skillset needed to build a successful authority site. We also go through some of the challenges faced by website owners and how to know when to sell.

Both Kris and Jean agree that there is a lifecycle that one goes through when owning an authority site, and it’s important to know at what stage your business is at in order to have the right expectations and select the appropriate strategy, which might even be that of selling, as in Kris’ case.

Big transitions are never easy, and we discuss how Kris’ life changed after the financially life-changing sale of his site to Healthline.

If you want to learn how one person with the right focus and perseverance can build a hugely successful internet business make sure you don’t miss this episode.


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