Episode 157 – NFT Technical Deep Drive with Jalil from PunkScape


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In this episode, we welcome back Jalil from PunkScape for another round of NFT knowledge drops.

Following our more introductory first episode with Jalil, in this episode, we continue evolving some of the topics we touched upon previously as well as introduce some other very important concepts and guidelines that all NFT investors or creators should know about.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • An exploration of NFT contracts on Etherscan.
  • How metadata and images are stored on IPFS.
  • What software was used to build the scapes?
  • What’s happening behind the scenes in a project’s reveal stage?
  • Potential for exploits, cheating, unfair advantages when a project is launched.
  • Why ENS domains are important and how they fit into PunkScapes.
  • Some innovations in the PunkScapes metadata, such as the date assigned to each scape.
  • Upcoming PunkScape apps and functionality(animations, gallery, background builder etc).


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