Material 225: Made By Google


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Andy and Flo finally meet each other for the first time, in the flesh, at this week's Made By Google event in New York City. The two talk all about who and what they saw: Martha Stewart, Annie Liebovitz, some new phones, the Pixelbook Go, and a pair of earbuds we won't see until next spring. Take your time diving into this one because it's a whopper of an episode. Flame-grilled and all.

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Links and Show Notes:

  • Annie Leibovitz unveils photo series with Google Pixel

  • ~ 23:00: Google Event Preamble

  • ~ 44:00: What we thought about Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Home Mini, Nest WiFi, and Google's commitment to ecofriendliness

  • ~ 1:08:00: Andy and Flo dive into their Pixel 4 review units

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