AARON RODGERS IS OYSTERS (feat. Antonio Cromartie) | EP 124 | MAYBE I’M CRAZY


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ANTONIO CROMARTIE, 4x Pro Bowl Cornerback, joins JOY TAYLOR in studio to recap Championship week/look ahead to SUPER BOWL LIV. Is ANTONIO taking the 49ERS or CHIEFS? What’s his take on SHERMAN vs REVIS? And why does JASON TAYLOR owe him a pair of Cool Grey JORDANs?

In WIT IT/QUIT IT, producer JOHN HELLER finds out if JOY thinks his 49ERS will be champs in 2 weeks, and is time up for the PACKERS?

HIGH KEY, SUPER BOWL prop bets are the best bets…period. LOW KEY did CONOR MCGREGOR get “Shallow-Hal”-ed by TONY ROBBINS?

The TITANS are LOSERS for missing out on their shot at greatness, JOY’s a loser for having a future as a CINCY fan, thanks to JOE BURROW, and we celebrate the start of some long-awaited NBA drama.

In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, T breaks down that moment between BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON at the SAG awards, gives a review of BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, and previews the upcoming HALFTIME SHOW with JLO and SHAKIRA.

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