LEBRON vs MICHAEL’S MYTH (feat. Scott Burrell) | EP 140 | Maybe I’m Crazy


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Head coach of the Southern Connecticut State FIGHTING OWLS, NBA Champion with the CHICAGO BULLS, and the 1st athlete drafted in the 1st round of two major sports, SCOTT BURRELL stopped by the podcast to dish on whether DENNIS RODMAN was a distraction during the ’98 season, what it was like following JORDAN’s leadership style, and can LEBRON catch JORDAN’s “greatness”?

This week in WIT IT or IT, did JORDAN create separation in the G.O.A.T. debate with the release of THE LAST DANCE? Plus, BIG BEN’s big beard is gone, but the STEELERS need to sign CAM NEWTON.

HIGH KEY, never trust polls, LOW KEY CHANNING FRYE is a master troll. HEY KEY, BOB MYERS has a short memory and LOW KEY, FOOD POISONING is real.

In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, T and JOY are excited for some recently announced sequels, LEGALLY BLONDE 3 & SCREAM 5. Plus, a recap of the latest episode of HBO’s INSECURE.

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