1-Michelle Guillemard--Health Writer Hub founder, consumer health writer


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Michelle is based in Sydney Australia, and is the founder of Health Writer Hub. She is also the President of the Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Over the past decade, Michelle has worked with medical journals, medical publishing companies, cancer research foundations, associations, hospitals, medical specialists, health professionals, health insurance companies, digital agencies, wellness brands, health coaches and more. After recognising the need for a specific resource to help health writers enhance and develop their specialty skills, Michelle created Health Writer Hub. Since 2013, Health Writer Hub has helped thousands of writers through advice, courses, training and mentoring. Michelle teaches health writing and freelance writing-related subjects to writers and health professionals from around the world, and her specialty courses include Introduction To Health Writing, How To Become A Freelance Health Writer, and Breaking Into Health Writing. www.healthwriterhub.com

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