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Mitch McCracken has been a part of Memphis radio since the early seventies. This podcast started as a series of articles McCracken wrote for the Examiner about Memphis musicians. It started with the death of Jim Dickenson, with him died a lot of great stories. Before long, Willie Mitchell was also gone taking his stories with him. There was no documentation of their stories, and Mitch wanted to do that, document the stories of Memphis music and musicians. After writing several articles on people like Jimi Jamison, Jim Dickenson, Willie Mitchell, and Shawn Lane, he wanted to take it to the next level by doing a radio interview show. He pitched his friends David Fleischman and Jon Scott of All Memphis, who liked the idea, and McCracken started recording the interviews. The first Interview with Jack Rowell, Jr. aired on 8/13/2013. Since then, Mitch McCracken has done interviews with Don Nix, Reba Russell, Jimi Jamison, Jon Fry, JoJo Jefferies, Steve Cobb, Eric Hughes, Greg Reding, and many more. These are not question and answer interviews; they are conversations. Many of the people interviewed have shared stories that they have never told anyone else in an interview. That was what Mitch was looking for, not just stories but unique stories. The response to the show has been overwhelmingly positive, much better than he ever imagined. "This is a dream come true. It is an honor to sit down and talk to these icons of Memphis music and to document their stories," said McCracken. Credits: The Memphis Music InnerView theme song is “Blue Sky Blues” by Kara Square (ft. Admiral Bob).Memphis Music InnerView is a Get Cracken Production.

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