Vote Yes on SQ 805 & Help End Decades-Long Prison Sentences for Nonviolent Crimes


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NEW EPISODE > Vote Yes on SQ805 & Help End Decades-Long Prison Sentences for Nonviolent Crimes >

Prison is a band-aid. It doesn't solve anything for nonviolent offenses, for our low-level property and drug offenses.

The more resources that we can devote to actually stop criminal behavior and stop the cycle of crime, the stronger we are going to be as a state and the better off our children are going to be. — Sarah Edwards, president of Yes on 805 campaign

On this episode, Sarah Edwards, president of the Yes on 805 campaign, explains State Question 805.

SQ 805 does not give anyone a free pass. People convicted of nonviolent crimes can still receive the maximum punishment allowed, and judges and juries will still take previous crimes into account when sentencing. But piling on years of prison time far beyond the maximum for a nonviolent crime is unfair and doesn’t make us safer.

The Association has endorsed the Yes on 805 campaign.

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