Season 1/Episode 8: A Founders Round-the-world Discussion


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This week, Ileana and Rob continue to experiment with the format exploring the most impactful way to help entrepreneurs learn and grow. They invite (2) amazing Latin American/global entrepreneurs into the studio to record a roundtable of founder questions.

Andreana Castellanos, Founder/CEO of Afinidata, an AI- data driven educational platform company, from Guatemala & Fort Collins, Colorado USA, joins us alongside Mario Gil, Founder/CEO of Bederr, the payments & rewards platform, from Lima, Peru.

The pair bring their own questions to the conversation, and Ileana, Rob and the founders dive deeply into those questions. Andreana raises some incredible points regarding the challenges of being an entrepreneur, no matter where you’re from, or who you are, and Mario pulls the conversation into the deeply1 personal choices founders make around “co-founders”, finding them, dealing with them and more. A fun conversation between four friends meant to help you entrepreneurs throughout Latin America to remember you’re never alone out there. The group talks capital raising, team building and global growth.

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