Introducing: Event Yak


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Merchants of Dirt Episode #55

Kyle introduces Event Yak podcast dedicated to talking to event industry veterans who live, eat, and breathe live events.

Introducing: Event Yak

As Race Promoters and Directors trying to keep your Event Business alive during this unprecedented time, you need to find all the help and ideas you can get! Introducing: Event Yak -- a podcast hosted by my good friend Terri Walters from Moonfish Production. Terri's podcast features interviews from some of the top event industry veterans who live, eat and breathe live events. In this episode, Terri interviews someone who is near and dear to Mr. Murphy's heart -- ME!

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Get Lost Racing coming to Merchants of Dirt!

The Get Lost Racing Podcast, hosted by Kyle M. Bondo, is a podcast about defining off-road racing disciplines! Each episode takes a look into an off-road sport and explains what it is, how it works, and how you can experience it! Over the next week weeks, Merchants of Dirt will include Get Lost Racing (GLR) episodes that explore endurance race disciplines that could be used to create your own virtual race portfolio!

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