A Year in Podcasts with DJ Hillier


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It’s been one year of podcasts at The MiFit Podcast and we are here to celebrate. First, if you like free stuff, go give my friends at Ascent Protein a follow on Instagram AND leave a rating for the MiFit Podcast on iTunes. I will pick my favorite review before episode 73 comes out and you will be the winner of a free bag of protein and shaker cup. Today’s episode is a reflection of 1 year of podcasting as well as the things i’ve learned along the way and some of the most memorable conversations I have had with my guests.

It was very challenging to pick the most memorable conversations that i’ve had over the last year. There have been SO many! However, I chose some clips from the following episodes

Episode 37 with @jameshobart

Episode 55 with @christmassabbott

Episode 50 with @marcusfilly

Episode 41 with @justinsua

Episode 25 with @adeecazayoux

This show has come a long ways since its inception and I am so excited to see what the next year looks like. Enjoy today’s thoughts, reflections, and throwbacks.

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