Catching up with CrossFit Icon Chris Spealler


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview one of CrossFit’s all-time greats, Chris Spealler. Chris was a 7 time CrossFit Games individual competitor, an affiliate owner, and a trainer for CrossFit headquarters. Since getting into the sport in 2007 Chris has been a major icon for the sport as an athlete and now as a coach and affiliate owner. Spealler has dedicated his life to pursuing fitness, helping others achieve their goals, and continue to be an outstanding role model for the CrossFit space. It was great to catch up with Chris and hear about how his life has changed since retiring from competitive CrossFit and transitioning into other passions in his life.


-Being a part of the first ever CrossFit commercial

-How has life changed since not being in the sport?

-Taking your fitness outside of the gym

-Tips on gaining strength as a smaller athlete

-Best mindset for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy doing CrossFit

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IG: @cspealler


Gym: Park City Fit

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