Determining Training Wants vs. Needs with James Fitzgerald


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This week on the show I am joined by James Fitzgerald. James was the 2007 CrossFit Games champion as an individual, since then he’s made a big impact in the fitness world as the founder of Opex Fitness. Aside from being an incredible athlete, James is on a mission to coach coaches via The Opex Certificate Program (CCP), help grow Opex gyms around the world, and create major waves in the fitness industry. During James’ 20 years of training clients and athletes, he has created programming principles, theories, and progressions that have been tested and proven year after year. If you want to hear from a guy who’s making major waves in the fitness industry, this episode is for you.


-The evolution of fitness

-Training for longevity

-Creating client autonomy

-Why fitness can’t be a quick fix

-Body Building & resistance training

-Training the sport vs. health

You can follow James at:

IG @jfitzopex



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