5 Ways to Thrive During COVID-19 with Kassandra Hobart


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I had the pleasure in chatting with Kassandra Hobart. Kassandra is currently an M2 Performance Nutrition Coach and has been competing in the sport of CrossFit since 2013. Kassandra has done a fantastic job helping people thrive during the COVID-19 crisis and i’ve learned a lot of great tips just from viewing her Instagram stories every day. With Kassandra’s background in competing, nutrition, and finance, she has a ton of very applicable advice for people going through a stressful season. If you are looking for some ways to get back on track, then this episode is for you!


-Making a mental shift

-Creating realistic and appropriate nutrition habits

-How to eliminate late night snacking

-How to create the best morning routine

-Getting motivated to workout

-Improving your relationships in quarantine

-Finding creative ways to get your fitness in

-How to get a handle on your finance

You can follow Kassandra at the following links:

IG @kassandrahobart

Coaching website: https://m2performancenutrition.com/meet-our-nutrition-coaches/kassandra-aveni-hobart

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