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On the show this week I had the privilege in chatting with Dr. Dan Pope. Dan is a physical therapist and lead coach at Power Monkey Fitness. Dan specializes in helping people get out of pain and back into training. I really enjoyed talking with Dan because his methods and teachings are very applicable. Dan is a gym rat who loves to push hard just like most of us out there and he has a great understanding for what the body is going through while training at the gym. Dan also has a background in coaching and competing in competitive CrossFit which has helped him become a better physical therapist. If you are a coach or an athlete who has experienced pain while training, you are going to love this episode.

Topics of discussion

-What is pain?

-Treating patients with an individualized approach and listening first

-The role mobility plays in getting injured

-The importance of modifying movements for gym members and how to do it correctly

-Training through back pain

-Studies on injury rates in CrossFit versus other sports

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