How High Performers Create a Stoic Mindset with Michael Tremblay


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This week on the MiFit Podcast I interview Michael Tremblay. Michael is PhD. student in philosophy at Queen’s University in Canada. Michael has accumulated hundreds of hours studying, researching, and presenting the stoic philosophy at his university and it was an honor to have him on the show. Stoic philosophy has been an extreme interest of mine ever since picking up “The Daily Stoic” a few years ago. When I first got into practicing Stoicism, I was completely unaware of the mass amount of similarities stoic philosophy has to fitness and CrossFit.

Stoic philosophy has changed my life in and outside of the gym and I hope this podcast episode is a great introduction to the timeless philosophy that has made such an impact on so many people. In today’s episode Michael and I chat about:

-What is Stoicism and who are the main people involved?

-How do we determine what is in our control and what isn’t?

-Stoicism in athletics

-How stoics view obstacles

-Practicing stoicism in our daily lives

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